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AI Roadscope

GPS Tracking and AI Camera Solutions


AI Dash Cam

Roadscope9 recognizes up to 22 dangerous driving activities and provides real-time alerts.

Roadscope9 Camera System


Example of Front View Camera


Example of Cabin view Camera

Side (L & R)

Example of Left & Right Side Cameras


Example of Rear View Camera


R9 is an AI dash cam that employs edge computing to improve driver safety, prevent accidents, and manage vehicles.

AI Edge Computing

Live Streaming

22 Advanced Warnings



Up to 5 Cameras

Up to 5 Cameras

Cabin Display

Cabin Display

  • Tail gating

  • Collision Risk

  • Reckless Driving

  • Stop Sign Violation

  • Redlight Violation

  • Distraction

  • Drowsy

  • Phone Use

  • Smoking

  • Illeagel U Turn

  • Speed Violation

  • Oneway Violation

  • Central Line Violation

  • Harsh Left Turn

  • Harsh Right Turn

  • Harsh U Turn

  • Harsh Switching Lanes

  • Harsh Overtaking

  • Rapid Acceleration

  • Rapid Deceleration

  • Sudden Start

  • Sudden Stop

  • Unfasten Seatbelt

  • Collision Risk Pedestrian

Roadscope App Examples

Roadscope Video Examples

Roadscope9 Datasheet


Download Roadscope9 Datasheet

Roadscope9 Datasheet
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