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CT Tablet Mate

A Complete Solution for the Transport Industry

Tablet Solution

Tablet Mate Main Menu

Current Functionality Available:

  • Driver Logon

  • Driver Fit for Duty (FFD)

  • EWD (Start Work, Stop Work, Start Break and Stop Break) (To be NHVR certified in the 1st half of 2024)

  • Heads up display (HUD) Speed, Status, Date, Timings, Configuration and Tasks Completed Status

  • Map View

  • Messaging

  • Pretrip Checklist(s)

Pretrip Checklist(s)

Pretrip Checklist(s)

  • Battery Status

  • Connectivity

  • Driver Status

  • Asset Configuration and Details

  • Driver Configuration and Details

  • Online Help

  • Logoff

  • Allocations (Details and Status Set)

  • Documents (Driver, Vehicle and Allocation)

  • Service Faults

  • EWD View

  • Imagery Events (If Cameras in Use)

  • Traffic Cameras

  • GPS Status

MainMenu Traffic Camera

Traffic Cameras

Complete Tracking offers a tablet solution specifically for the Transport & Logistics industry.

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